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What is GRE?

The GRE, or Graduate Record Examination, is a standardized test that is commonly required for admission to graduate and business school programs in the United States and some other countries. It is designed to assess a student’s readiness for graduate-level academic work and is used by admissions committees as a part of the application process.

GRE Coaching at Vidhyavaaradhi Overseas Consultancy


The GRE measures skills in areas such as verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. It consists of several sections:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA): This section includes two tasks: Analyze an Issue and Analyze an Argument. Test takers are required to write essays in response to these prompts, demonstrating their ability to construct and articulate coherent arguments.
  • Verbal Reasoning: This section assesses reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and vocabulary skills. It includes multiple-choice questions, sentence equivalence, and text completion tasks.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: This section evaluates a test taker’s mathematical and problem-solving abilities. It includes multiple-choice questions, quantitative comparisons, and data interpretation questions.
  • Experimental or Research Section: This section does not count towards the test taker’s score and is used for research purposes by the test makers. It is typically not identified, so test takers won’t know which section it is during the test.

The GRE is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), and it is offered in both computer-based and paper-based formats. It’s an important component of the application process for many graduate programs, along with other factors like undergraduate academic performance, letters of recommendation, and statement of purpose. Scores on the GRE can vary widely depending on the program and institution to which you are applying, so it’s a good idea to research the specific requirements of the schools you are interested in.

The GRE General Test assesses one’s proficiency in verbal and quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing abilities, while the Subject Test evaluates a candidate’s expertise in a specific academic discipline. At our GRE coaching institute, our skilled instructors are adept at guiding students to distinguish themselves from other applicants by emphasizing their expertise and skills as needed. Vidhyavaaradhi stands out as the premier GRE coaching centre in Telangana.

With our unique way of teaching, you can learn the important things and smart methods to get a good score on the GRE test.

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